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now fade into those artificial flowers

The more I think back to the period of my life when I was about 20 – 21 and how I lived at that time, the more I realize what a weirdo I was…am…was. Shut up. Someday I’ll tell you more about it, but one thing I need to frame this post with is the fact that I was working nights during the spring and summer of 1999 and living alone and was therefore completely nocturnal. I would get home from work around 1 or 2 a.m. and then do the things that people normally do when they get home from work but it was all bizarro.

I would eat dinner, fire up the AOL on the ol’ 56k, smoke cigarettes, and watch public access shows. I often ended up watching the local death/black metal show (The Gallow’s Pit?) and frothing religious dudes, but occasionally I would catch some gems. This is not from PCTV, but it very well could have been. Gawd richly bless you.

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