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pass me them peas

I’m feeling like Sophia from The Color Purple…wanna go somewhere. Can’t.

Wanna blog something. Passed out.

There are other forces keeping me from you, internet. Last night while dinner was cooking, I announced that I was going upstairs to post to MY blog, since the husband has been happily updating his all week. I flopped on my bed, opened my laptop…and of course the wireless was not working. So I said fuck it.

I’m pretty sure I’m in the midst of my annual, winter “hibernation-lite” mode. Sleeping is just so awesome. I swear, right before I pass out at night, I go, “Yay!” While we were on vacation, the husband and I got to sleep in a king-sized bed with an awesome (and very firm) mattress. I slept so soundly the whole time we were there. Our mattress at home is nice and firm, but is only a full-size, and this causes some strife. Mostly because I sleep in a position that could be described as…eh…Exaggerated Fetal.

The other night, I was already well into dreamland and sprawled out when the husband came to bed. The next day, the husband told me that he complained to me about my dominance of the sleeping area. And you know what I said to him? “I’ll move.” Like, totally asleep and dismissive and of course I didn’t actually mean what I said.

But that pretty much brings you up to date on me. I’m trying to play catch up at work this week before classes start back up on Monday. It took me three days to open my mail and go through email. So…yeah.

My dad started chemo on Monday and so far that seems to be going pretty well. He called to tell me he was starting on Monday on New Year’s Eve, while I was goofing off with Tracey and really in no condition to talk about things like cancer. I tried to play it straight and I think I did pretty well. But I was all:

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