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I think, as an adult, I’m suppose to get all grumpy about the snow and gripe about how difficult it makes life, but I have to be honest. I love snow. When I was little, I can remember it snowing like this all throughout winter. Now it doesn’t seem to dump the white stuff like it used to, so I get even more excited about snowfall than I did when I was a kid.

The husband played at a club last night and I wasn’t feeling so great so I just stayed home. I ended up watching a couple older movies, namely For Keeps and Hackers.

I had seen For Keeps a couple of times when I was a kid. It was one of those semi-crappy movies that were on HBO constantly in the 80s. This was obviously before I was old enough to really get what was going on in it, but for being a rather melodramatic Lifetime-ish movie, it’s surprisingly bold in its depiction of an unexpected pregnancy and the frightening ways people behave when trying to deal with it. I’ve yet to see anything from pop culture that really accurately depicts how it feels to know that you’re in an icky situation with a pregnancy at a young age, and at the same time struggling with how impossible it is to convince everyone around you that you can make the right decisions for yourself. Juno came very close in many ways. I think both movies hit me in the gut most with some of the things people say to a woman when she’s pregnant and they don’t approve. It’s amazing how honest people get and how ugly that honesty is.

Hackers was another movie I hadn’t seen in years and it was almost painful in its 90s-ness. And it seemed entirely plausible that the people who wrote and directed the movie had never been in the same room as a computer. I nearly choked when they were drooling over a computer’s kick-ass 28.8 bps modem and the constant dubbing of people as 1337.

Errgh, I think I could probably replace this whole post with, “I’m a loser x300.”

Anyway, the Steelers play the AFC championship game in just a few short hours, then the new season of Big Love premieres, THEN The United States of Tara premieres. Just to illustrate how excited I am about those things, I’ll point out that I did nearly all of my reading for this week’s classes yesterday afternoon so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it today at all.


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  • Have I mentioned lately how much I hate your gaddamn football team?

    Eh, whatever. The “Stillers” should enjoy their loss to the Cards. As for us, we got this far with a rookie coach, a rookie QB with no idea of how to throw the ball yet, and half the team injured…so once everything’s ironed out, the Steelheads should be eating our mighty purple dust for the next six seasons or so.

    All the same, I think we should tell Obama to stop in Pittsburgh the day before the next big game…

  • I watch “For Keeps” every time it is on. EVERY TIME. I don’t even really know why. Although I had a friend who always used to love to repeat the quote “I’m pregnant. Please pass the turnips.”

    Also: GO STEELERS!!!

  • I’m neutral on the football thing. My mom and brother are big Steelers fans though. My mom is originally from Cadiz Oh, so Pittsburgh was the big city for them! And Big Love? I told my family all week that I was not to be interrupted during the season premiere. I had asked everyone 1.5 hours previously if they wanted dinner. No one was hungry yet and all up in the game festivities. Twenty minutes before start of BL? (It’s on at 8 here) Everyone wanted to eat. Needless to say, hubby made dinner!

  • Kikaider01

    You know, there is nothing better than old visions of the future. Hackers wins on this premise alone.

    also, it is inconcievable that anyone would be anti-steelers. i mean, even Arizona’s coach is pro Steelers. c’mon!

  • kent

    Go Stillerz!

    BTW Chris Matthews dropped a Philly accent bomb the other night on MSNBC, when he said “In Philadelphia, we call them the Iggles.”

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