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grace in small things #4

Today, I found grace in that disgusting black goop that builds up in the drain of my bathroom sink.

Let me explain.

The baby lost a tooth tonight while we were brushing his teeth, but we didn’t realize this until after he’d spit and rinsed, presumably sending the tooth down the drain. He was pretty upset, but I told him I was sure that the Tooth Fairy would still come, but suggested writing her a note explaining what happened. He wrote, “I lost my tooth, but it came out in my toothpaste. From The Baby. PS XOXOXO From Greedo.”

Why our cat needed to send the Tooth Fairy some love, we don’t know.

In any case, we put the note and his Tooth Fairy pouch under his pillow and looked ahead to brighter days. I decided to check around the bathroom once more to make sure we hadn’t missed it.

I looked on the rug around the toilet and in the bristles of his toothbrush. Finally I pulled the plug out of the drain and saw a little white tooth stuck to the side of the drain, nestled in some of that black goop.

It took some maneuvering and some creative tooling with tweezers, plastic spoons, and eventually a chip clip, but I got it out. The baby was thrilled.

Thanks, goop. Even though you’re gross and made of who-knows-what, thanks for holding on to my kid’s tooth.

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