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high glitz

I turned on Toddlers & Tiaras a little bit ago because nothing else that I wanted to watch was on and I thought it would be a good release to watch something really stupid/infuriating.

This shit is boring. I mean, yeah, fucking freakshow parents and hideous clothes, but it’s…too easy? I don’t know. This particular subculture is so self-contained and weirdly populated with seemingly “normal” people. The problematic aspects of it are just so blatant it’s not even worth thinking about.

Plus, the top prizes in these pageants have titles like “Grand Supreme” and it’s all just getting way too close to some KKK shit for me.

Anyway, I’m watching crap to decompress. I had a HUGE paper due today and had to give a presentation on it. I later described the presentation as a cautionary tale. I got all freaked out beforehand and saved like 5 different copies of my presentation all over the place and I guess uploaded the wrong one in my frenzy. So, halfway through my presentation, I was out of slides. So I said, “Uh…my slides are missing. This is just like a nightmare I once had.”

Luckily, I had printed out hard copies of the notes pages so I just kept going without slides, lubricated by the five gallons of sweat that came pouring out of me. But my professor said that I did really well so COOL.

My back is killing me and has been really achy for the past couple of days. I think I’ve been holding the stress of the paper there or something. I’ve also been spending hours hunched over my computer writing the damn thing.

How are you?

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  • Love the running out of slides story in a glad it didn’t happen to me kind of way. What degree are you working on? That’s more of an email question than a blog comment, but I’m trying to push the boundaries of blog commenting. I think about you a lot. That sentence came out way too early, but I’m letting it stand. I’m reading a lot about the origins of archetypal psychology, and a lot of those cats met and got started in Pitttsburgh (before they wised up and moved to Dallas, which leads one to wonder if Dallas vs Pittsburgh isn’t archetypal, a conflict at the base of psyche), so it makes me think of you a lot. I hope that context makes it a lot less creepy than just leading with “I think about you a lot”.

    • I’m working on an MA in Professional Writing, which is taking me on a technical writing-ish path, software documentation and whatnot. TW stuff is actually more interesting than I thought it would be and it’s steady work so I can pay the bills with that and then dilly dally with freelance stuff. The presentation was for a class in instructional text design which is interesting but super hard. And it’s nice to be thought of. 😉

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