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easily the best moment of our relationship thus far

The husband came home late last night (or early this morning) after playing records at the Shadow Lounge. I was still up because I watched the 12:30 airing of Grey Gardens and had grumpily started watching 300 afterward. I say, “grumpily” because I don’t really like that movie, but it looks cool and I’m a sucker for ripped dudes in capes and diapers. I am human, after all.

The husband plopped on the couch and we murmured half-asleep greetings to each other. “Watching 300?” he asked. “Yeah,” I sighed, just as Xerxes and Leonidas were giving each other their best bitch faces for the first time.

“Dude, you know what?” said the husband. “I had totally forgotten about this but I had this wild dream…must’ve been months ago…that I was holed up in a bar with a bunch of people and Xerxes was attacking us.”

A few seconds of silence followed as my jaw dropped.

“Dude, that was an episode of South Park,” I said, starting to cry with laughter.

“….Was it?”

“Yes! Oh my god. You’re like Bill Murray’s character in Scrooged.”

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