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The husband and a bemulleted friend of ours

Friday night, I went out (whoa!) to see Stewart Walker and a few of our friends play some records. I almost didn’t make it, as I felt like total crap due to the whole female experience playing some ridiculous joke on me. However, I rallied, but insisted on grabbing some libations on our way to the event.

It was packed, so I didn’t have anywhere to stash my beers. So I just plopped the bag in between my feet and danced in place over it. I didn’t want to stay in this position for long, though, since having glass so close in a room full of people seems stupid, so I just drank four of the beers rather quickly and gave two away. Success!

Of course, due to the humidity of the crowded room and my guzzling, I walked out of there looking somewhat insane, what with my frizzy hair reaching startlingly new poofy heights and hiccuping. On the upside, I couldn’t feel my cramps anymore.

Saturday, I woke up late and got right to work on one of my final papers. Our house was feeling a little stale but it was too chilly to open windows, so I decided to light some incense.

I caught one of my fake nails on fire.

Of course.

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