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sweetie dahling!


That’s my buddy, Tracey. Today is her birthday.

I would have a gift for her, but I spent all of my money on pretty dresses, which is all Tracey’s fault because she got me hooked on sales sites.

I, of course, hope that all of Tracey’s birthdays are rad, but I hope that this one is particularly so because my buddy has had some rough days and she certainly deserves some sunshine. Aside from the rough days, she deserves sunshine because she’s an amazing friend who always makes me laugh and who has, on multiple occasions, talked me down when I’ve been upset. Even during my most psychotic outbursts, she’s always made sure to listen carefully, let me vent, and help me to think of a solution. Whenever we’ve been lucky enough to be in the same city, she’s plied me with drinks, bad TV, and good conversation. And I honestly don’t think that I’ve ever met someone more fiercely dedicated to the people that she cares about.

Happy birthday, mama.

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