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what are you doing this summer? might i suggest taking in a movie?


About a month and a half ago, the husband and I ventured out on what some might call a proper date. We were going to the drive-in and looking forward to watching the Pittsburgh-centric Adventureland. Dreamy.

We ended up pushing our bashed up car out of the Sonic parking lot so that we could trudge to the boring old regular theater and see the movie, which was only okay.

We made a second attempt at our drive-in outing on Sunday and I’m happy to report that we were successful. We went to Dependable and saw a double feature of Drage Me to Hell and The Last House on the Left, both of which were fantastically campy and perfect for drive-in viewing. Er, well, I think the latter was supposed to be more disturbing, but it wasn’t.

Anyway, I highly recommend this method of movie-viewing. It’s generally cheaper and it’s more laid back, though it’s admittedly better for movies that don’t rely on expensive sound systems and whatnot. If you’re interested, Wikipedia has a list of active drive-in theaters.

I really liked the whole atmosphere, since the the screens are out in the woods and on a nice night, like Sunday was, it was really relaxing. Plus, you get to snark on the movies as much as you want and people don’t need to shush you.

I would advise taking some insect repellent. We were lucky enough to emerge unbitten, but a few gigantic mosquitoes were hovering, including one that one made me gasp. “That looks like some West Nile Virus right there,” I moaned. “Oh shush,” said the husband. “Besides, how do you know he’s not from the East Side?”

I kind of hate him.

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