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feed me, seymour

Just a quick heads up that I switched back to partial feeds because of some weirdness that I don’t feel like going into. Nothing serious, I just feel more comfortable with this arrangement. And I would apologize to you feed readers for having to flex your index finger to get to my titillating commentary but I think you can handle it. Kisses.

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  • Yikes.

    I feel like I should be investigating this but I have no idea how to.

    • @Maria, investigating how to switch your feed to partial? the option to do it for mine was in my control panel for wordpress, so I would look on your control panel as a first stop.
      I don’t know that my site was being technically “scraped” but some of my posts were showing up at some weird site. I think they were submitted there, so I don’t know that switching to partial feed will fix that, but I figure I’ll try it for a few weeks at least.

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