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because it’s sunday and you need this

When we were at my mother-in-law’s house last weekend, her friend brought over her puppy, Zeke. Zeke is a big baby and loves giving my kid puppy kisses.


Also note my kid’s chompers. Considering that the husband and I both had to get our teeth jackhammered into something resembling straight, I’m thinking that the local orthodontists are salivating in anticipation of my kid’s date with the Train Tracks of Doom and OMFG My Mouth Hurts.

But anyway PUPPY!


I want to smoosh both of their faces.

Also, my kid finished up a few weeks of ice skating lessons yesterday. I’m fairly certain that the recent pwnage that the Penguins handed out had something to do with this. He’s pretty good at it, though.


I’ve been ice skating twice, I think, and each time was a total disaster. I mean, a disaster if we’re measuring ice skating success by being able to move about the rink upright and not lying on the ice, crying. Ahem.

2 comments to because it’s sunday and you need this

  • Alaina

    It’s actually great that he’s got a nice spacey smile…lots of room for his permanent teeth to grow in. The orthodontist may not get toooooo much of your money. :)

  • Baltimoregal

    That puppy is gonna be one big doggy!! What great pictures of the two of them. Not much cuter than a little boy playing with a pup.

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