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you stupid *bleepbleepbleepbleeeeeep*


There are lots of things that I could say about this whole catastrophe.

I will say right now that I do not want to discuss the legitimacy of the accusation. I’m just not going to get into it with anyone because offensive shit is always said in such a discussion and I’m at a point in life where I just avoid certain minefields.

I’m mostly just really furious with Roethlisberger not having the sense to behave like a grown man with a lot at stake. Regardless of what may or may not have gone down in that hotel room, this is not the first time that he’s acted like a reckless douche. And this is not the first time that he seems to have forgotten that it’s not just one career, and it’s not just one team. It’s a whole city and our pride in what WE accomplish year after year, the Steelers being a big part of that.

The really interesting aspect to all of this is how the Rooneys and Tomlin will respond. They are not subscribers to the theory that any publicity is good publicity. They run a respectable organization and don’t tolerate typical antics from their athletes. However, will Ben get special treatment?

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  • hmmmm. i sure as heck hope it isn’t true. and what i find weird when these incidents occur…aren’t women throwing themselves at these guys all the time? why does it go to this level? for the sake of discussion–kobe bryant–it is so just…what? really? you can have anyone (at least ben isn’t MARRIED) and you pull this stuff? or are women throwing themselves at these guys and later when clearly he was never really interested then regretful and people encourage them to come forward and say it is…something. these situations can be sooooo tricky. you will never know what really happened i think.

    let’s see if he gets special treatment. it is an upstanding organization and no one wants it to go the way of disrespect. and it is the whole town at stake.

  • kim

    All I’ll say is that if I’m the victim, I want his ass off the street and in jail.

  • I don’t think he’ll get any special treatment from Tomlin or the Rooneys – that’s not how they seem to roll, judging from the past, so I hope they continue to put the smack down on any and all incidents of assholery, if this is indeed such a situation.

  • kent

    I’m disappointed when anyone doesn’t, as the Quakers say, walk in the light. But I don’t think the actions of this one guy really represents Pittsburgh to the world.

    Even as to how Pittsburgh relates to the Steelers, I think that the team is less important than the loyalty and enthusiasm of the people of Pittsburgh, the sense of shared identity that the Steelers fans feel. PBGH is one of the top 3 fan cities — Pittsburgh, Green Bay/Milwaukee, and Chicago, with honorable mention to Minneapolis and St. Louis. New York fans are terrible sports. California fans can’t get excited about teams that keep moving around, and the rest of the country barely registers with me one way or another.

  • You will love my mamapop post today.

    Actually, I just make fun of the stupidity that is ESPN.

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