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what would betty draper do?

Things in my house that are dirty:

– everything
– me

Things in my house that are probably housing dangerous molds and spores and stuff:

– the fridge
– the toilets
– me

I really, really need to do some stuff here today but the past week and a half just caught up with me and now I can’t really imagine doing anything but watching old episodes of Mad Men.

Speaking of, and in honor of today’s uselessness, I give you kdiddy a la Mad Men:


The baby had his first soccer practice today. The coach freaked me out by openly talking shit on the parents of two kids who couldn’t be at today’s practice. Not cool. I had to spend the practice attempting to find a dry patch of ground that was in shade so that I wouldn’t combust, which means that I need to go whole hog on this soccer mom thing and buy a folding chair with an umbrella. I need something that will protect my pallor while I hand out Sunny D and say stuff like, “Gosh!” and “Golly!” and “Kick the shit out of it, kid!”

Maybe not that last one. I’m still learning.

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  • The thing I love about Mad Men is that it satisfies my love of all things nostalgic while also satisfying my love of disfunction. It’s a two-fer. Plus, all of the gratuitous smoking is fabulous. Those were the days. (Cough.)

  • I have never seen mad men…shame on me-I am like commiting a tv felony or something i just know it…

    as for the coach…deep breaths…i have been there…a lot of parents would just pull their kids from such a situation…this is your opportunity to teach ….

    oh and i had to giggle at gail’s comment about smoking is fab…cough…

  • Soccer practice is rough especially in the scorching heat – my girls are doing gymnastics now and I sit in the nice AC area …sorry…but maybe it will get better, some breeze, the coach will get friendlier your kids will be the stars of the games…

  • tried to post a comment on my itouch this weekend and it was just not working. not sure why.

    anyway, i went into this weekend with pretty much the same sentiments about feeling like everything was filthy. gah. remedied a lot of it. not all of it. sigh. where does martha stewart find all her energy to stay on top of all things! wait, she has a staff.

    the coach—ick. that is very uncomfortable. what are these kids–future MLS stars? wait, even if they were they would still have to have a day job b/c that doesn’t pay anything. get over it buddy. it is kids’ soccer.

  • It was a very weird day for me when I realized I was a ‘soccer mom.’ While there isn’t a mini-van, there are definitely folding chairs, tote bags full of snacks, etc.

    It made me want to go out and get another tattoo. Or something.

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