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just some tunes for a sleepy afternoon

This week has really worn me out. Busy at work, busy at school. Plus, my cat started harassing me at 5:30 this morning, flopping butt-first onto my face, knocking my glasses off of the nightstand, and pawing at my hands and head when I buried myself in the covers. It’s a dreary day here and combined with the early morning, I’m really ready to curl up at home.

I’ve been taking the bus to work and listening to Pandora on my phone. This morning it selected a few Beatles tracks for me. I haven’t actively listened to the Beatles since perhaps high school. But this song came on this morning and it made me feel very serene. Thanks, randomized internet radio, for knowing what I needed to hear. Have a good weekend, kids.

4 comments to just some tunes for a sleepy afternoon

  • Baltimoregal

    Always loved this song, thanks!

  • ali

    I was all about the Beatles today too.
    Happiness is a Warm Gun…by far, hands down, their best.

  • mouthy_broad

    I think you have an interesting novel on your hands regarding living in modern America without a drivers license. (everywhere but born and bred new York city people will be fascinated.)

  • [mark]

    i have neglected your personal blog for far too long. somehow, you escaped my google reader.

    this is quite possibly the best “welcome back” present you could offer me.

    big hug, yo.

    (saving up for the remastered releases coming 9.9.09…can not WAIT to hear them on big, huge, warm sound system….)

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