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how i spend rainy sundays

We had to be at the soccer field at 7:30 this morning for pictures, which sucked, but the game that was supposed to be at 8 was called for rain. We headed back home and piled onto the couch with orange juice and maple links, then grabbed some blankets, turned on some cartoons and passed out.

It’s nice and dreary here today and after the turmoil of the past couple of days, it’s a relief to know that life will sink into somewhat familiar rhythms.

The rainy Sunday got me feeling nostalgic, but watching The Clone Wars doesn’t help with that. I started poking around on YouTube and quickly came across some compilations of 80s commercials. For whatever reason, they’re like comfort food. Though I’m slightly disconcerted that I remember nearly all of these, indicating that I watched way too much TV as a kid and absorbed way too many sales pitches.

2 comments to how i spend rainy sundays

  • Ben

    Wow I remember all those commercials as well. That takes me back.

  • Cristin

    Delurking here-
    Geez. I remember all of those commercials. Especially the Bonkers one-it used to be on all the time during Pee-Wee’s Playhouse.
    You know what else will totally blow your mind on YouTube? Search “Vintage Sesame Street” I was singing “We are brothers” for 48 hours straight!

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