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Mornin’. Here at our house, we are in the midst of that morning-after-a-sickness haze. The baby was off and on “meh” yesterday and I hesitantly left him with my mother-in-law so I could go out with Tracey and her new beau to dinner and then to see the husband DJ at New Amsterdam. I was distracted, thinking about him, and when my mother-in-law called to tell me that the baby was running a fever of 103, I asked the lovebirds to drive me home.

There was some cause for concern as a few kids in his after-school program have had H1N1 recently, but after some Tylenol and Gatorade and cool rags, the fever slowly but surely came down. He crawled into bed with me and we read a few chapters from Coraline. He asked if he could sleep with me and I said of course. When the husband came home, he camped out on the couch.

We just finished some pancakes and hash browns and the fever is barely there now. We’re going to watch some Smurfs DVDs and I’m going to drink a gallon of coffee.

I’m so glad that whatever it was seems to have left. I hate when he is sick. I feel so…isolated, like I can’t reach him or reach in and pull out whatever it is that’s invading his body.

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