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not really a secret

We were standing at the bus stop yesterday morning, staring at the shattered glass in the street that must have been from an earlier traffic accident, and cringing every time a car drove over it.

Daylight Savings had made the morning just a bit more bearable, gifting us with light and an extra hour the day before.

At our house a block away, an obscenely large pile of Halloween candy sat, waiting to be slowly devoured.

“Can I tell you a secret?” I said.

“Yeah,” replied the baby.

“I’m kind of excited for Christmas already.”

“Is that really a secret?”

“Well, kinda. When you’re a grown-up you’re not really supposed to get that excited for Christmas, and you’re definitely not supposed to get excited for it at the very beginning of November.”

“Oh. Well, I’m excited, too.”


I feel kind of weird not joining in with the groaning about the holiday season and the shamelessly early marketing. But that stuff’s not even really on my mind. Since money will most likely be extraordinarily tight this year, the stress of shopping isn’t even an issue.

I’m just so looking forward to having some time off and being with my guys. I hope it snows and is so cold that hot chocolate becomes an hourly necessity.

I can’t wait to bake a ton of cookies. I’ve been somewhat accidentally stockpiling flour, buying a few sacks at a time whenever I spot a sale, and have signed up to receive the Cookie Countdown emails from MyRecipes. Seriously, starting around mid-December, if you’re anywhere near my house, stop in and grab a dozen or two. It’ll be silly.

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