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oops, i wallowed

You know what you should definitely not do if you’re fighting some sadness? You should definitely not read The Road by Cormac McCarthy. The husband saw me starting to read it the other night and said, “Uh, didn’t you say that you were feeling depressed? Then you really shouldn’t read that book.”

“Yeah, I know. I kind of feel like wallowing in it, though.”

“I’m just saying, I started reading that right around the same time that I started reading a book about the troubles in Belfast and I chose to stop reading The Road because it was so much more depressing than the Belfast book.”

I didn’t listen, though. It was a fairly quick read, but the past couple of nights, I would put the book down and try to go to sleep and think, “Well, yes, this may have been a terrible idea.”

I finished it last night and freaked the baby out a little by bursting into tears after closing it. Interestingly, I feel a little bit better today. Even if I could kind of relate to some of the panic that the father feels about taking care of a child in a broken world, I’m obviously not facing the horrific bleakness that they were.

* * *

I’m actually in between coats of polyurethaning the stain in the baby’s bedroom-to-be (which we’ve been working on, on and off, for four years). So, you know, I’m just sitting here, waiting for the pink elephants and the birdies and stars to dissipate. Fumes are fun!

4 comments to oops, i wallowed

  • That book should have an appendix with fucking regional “I Just Read ‘The Road'” support groups in it.

  • I went to a screening of the film version the other night, it was incredible!

  • i’ve been reading The Road for a few weeks now and have been questioning this choice since i started. i love the southern gothic genre and all, but so far, NOTHING good has happened in this book and i’m starting to think that for a depressive, such as myself, this may have been a bad decision. glad to hear the movie is good tho, as it was the main reason i started reading the book when i did. now i better finish so i can move onto happier content!

  • Amber’s idea is one of the best ideas ever.

    I read it at the beach. Yeah, not a beach book. I still think about it occasionally, in an unsettling fashion.

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