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pant pant pant

I still have 3.5 hours left on this day to make my daily NaBloPoMo deadline!

I haven’t written until now and don’t have much to report because I was crazily busy at work today.

However, two items of note for this particular date:

Twenty years ago, the Berlin Wall came down.

I remember at the time not totally understanding what that meant, but I remember my mom calling me into the living room, telling me that I needed to come watch what was happening. I’ve never forgotten the collective expression of joy on the faces of the people. It’s really weird to think that my kid will never know of such a thing as West Germany and East Germany.

Also, 9 years ago, a handsome young man appeared at my door with a VHS copy of Pi rented from the Blockbuster across the street. Our plan was to watch the movie and hang out. We watched the movie. And hung out. And eventually made out. A lot.

The husband whined that I needed to pick either our relationship anniversary or our wedding anniversary because it’s hard for his man-brain to remember both. I picked the wedding anniversary, but didn’t realize that I was agreeing to not ever mention this anniversary. So I violate some terms. Any time I’ve mentioned it today, he’s barked, “Stop being celebratory!”


2 comments to pant pant pant

  • Happy relationship anniversary. My the husband barely acknowledged ours this year (it was a couple days ago), and I realized I’m kinda not okay with letting that one fall by the wayside just because we have a more official one in May. I basically think you should seize every opportunity to celebrate love. So your the husband can suck it, I think. Mine too.

  • Happy not-exactly-an-anniversary Anniversary! We got married on our not-exactly-an-anniversary Anniversary, so there are no excuses for not remembering.

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