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the weather is just fine up here on my cross

I just want you all to recognize that I made the extreme sacrifice of peeling myself off of the couch and trudging over to the desktop to write a post. The wireless router in our house died so I can’t use my laptop and I started to tap out a post on my iPhone until the little voice in my head whispered, “You are stupid.” For all of its loveliness, the iPhone is not quite a computer. Whenever they work out the holographic projection of a keyboard and a display, then it is so on.

Prior to this, I went to the kitchen to first finish cleaning up and make myself a cup of tea, when the husband chose that moment to barge and declare that he was making popcorn. He also suggested that I cut up some pomegranates, because he knows how much I like squirting purple juice all over the kitchen. What a doll!

Anyway, I finally have my tea. And I need to have you guys over at some point because I made a Bundt cake this weekend that I think is pretty yummy but the husband and the baby aren’t interested.

This actually brings me to the, erm, point, such as it is, of this post. The Bundt that I made is a Pumpkin Apple Spiced Bundt and I got the recipe from The Food Librarian. She is doing 30 days of Bundt cake recipes and I’m going to type Bundt here just to bring the Bundt count of this post to a healthy six. The 30 days of Bundt cakes are part of her participation in “I Like Big Bundts,” (sung to the tune of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s seminal composition, “Baby Got Back”) leading up to National Bundt Day on November 15th. Did you know there was such a thing? The Food Librarian is rad in general, so I recommend checking her out, Bundt or no.

Every time I see the accompanying graphic of two Nordic Ware Bundt pans suggestively posed, I start giggling and can’t stop. Also: BUNDT.

Anyway, I find myself in the awkward position of being responsible for consuming the Bundt that I made, because I feel like going to work and saying, “Here’s a 3-day-old Bundt that I ate half of. Can I have a raise?” is kind of rude. So, please come over. My jeans beg you.

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  • I was hanging with some friends in the midwest this weekend and made a Bundt to celebrate someone’s birthday. It was good, everyone ate of the Bundt. Then we went to bed and the carb-addicted dog ate ALL OF THE REST OF THE BUNDT. So much for a Bundt-iful Breakfast. Very disappointing.

  • You can always freeze the leftovers in wrapped slices, and you can take them out whenever you want and zap them in the microwave until warm. I do this a lot myself, since it’s just my husband and me at home. It’s pretty awesome to eat a warm slice of cake sometimes when you’re craving a bit of homemade baked good but don’t want to lug out the Bundt pan to bake. Luckily these type of quickbreads and pound cakes freeze really well. Hope this helps!

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