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one room down, about a dozen to go

Ladies and gentlemen, we have…finished a room in our house.

111609 007

There are, of course, a few details remaining. We need a window treatment and that dresser is actually the baby’s changing table/chest of drawers from when he was but a wee thing and, well, he’s kind of outgrown it. But, yes, this is the first room that I really consider done. Our laundry room is mostly done, but it has an addition off of it that will need to go and I anticipate that causing a few new swear words to be invented.

You say you’d like another angle? Well, alright then.

111609 003

Perhaps the coolest part is that we were finally able to import the ceiling fan that he had in his room at my mom’s house.

111609 005

I know that that isn’t the greatest picture, but my cat was intent on photobombing. See:

111609 004

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