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There was this skit on Chappelle’s Show that detailed some historic gang war that eventually brought about the advent of crack cocaine, with one gangster, played by Mos Def, advising his minions to get some cocaine and some “buh-king soda.” I can’t find it anywhere but now any time I say “baking” it comes out “buh-king.”

Anyway, even though it is, as Amy correctly noted, incredibly pretentious to utter the phrase, “my holiday baking,” I’m going to tell you a little bit about My Holiday Baking. And I don’t really have any pictures because my various internet and computer situations are just stupid.

My friend Mary and I have several times made plans to do a joint baking blowout at her house since she now has that counter space stuff that I hear so much about, but we haven’t made it happen yet. So, this past weekend, I went to town.

Final stats:

– Two batches of Cinnamon Rolls – delicious as always. I made two batches because the husband always whines when I give most of them away. However, I fail to see how three people eating 50 cinnamon rolls is at all a good idea.
– One batch of Bittersweet Cranberry Brownies – I think i took these out of the oven too soon. Not sure how I feel about them. Will probably eat all of them anyway.
– One batch (two dozen-ish) of Eggnog Cookies – I don’t know where I got this recipe, but these are yummy cookies
– One batch of Mexican Chocolate Cookies
– One batch of Snickerdoodles
– One batch of Chocolate Crackle Cookies
– One batch of Eggnog Cheesecake Bars
– One batch of Pomegranate Chocolate Chunk Cookies

I also made the dough for Chai Shortbread Cookies, but haven’t baked them yet. Don’t know if that will happen.

My dining room table is covered with baked goods. I can’t say that I mind.

In less glamorous baking news, the baby’s school is having a Navidad Fiesta today and asked the parents to donate some food stuffs. They sent home a list of foods and recipes to use. I signed up to make banana bread and taco dip, figuring that many potluck type events are dessert-heavy and could use some balance.

I could have used my own recipes, but I can be a very by-the-book person so I used the ones the school sent home. The banana bread recipe was pretty basic. So was the taco dip, but it was one of those recipes that contains instructions like, “open…dump…spread,” which sounds kind of disturbing when you put it that way. This particular taco dip consisted of two packages of cream cheese spread in the bottom of a baking dish, topped with two cans of beanless Hormel chili and two packages of shredded cheddar cheese, then baked for 15 minutes.

As much as I’m a wannabe foodie, I also have a gigantic soft spot for the less sophisticated foods and I’m a big fan of canned goods. However, even this was a bit much. I mean, I really like canned cranberry sauce and while those ridges look downright charming on a tube of jellied cranberries, they look really disturbing on extracted chili.

Also also wik: I watched Julie & Julia last night. Loved the Julia part. Not so much the Julie part.

3 comments to buh-king

  • Mary

    We will bake! I swear we will bake. I just need to, you know, clean the damn kitchen, and have Christmas, and all of that.

    What are you doing next week? I don’t have to work, miracle of miracles. Maybe we can get together and bake?

  • Rachel

    Even with my kid in the hospital (doing better at this time, thank goodness, home with IV abx and a PICC), I was abe to bust out:

    Chocolate Chip cookies
    White Chocolate/Macadamia nut cookies
    Peanut Butter Blossoms
    Peanut Butter cookies
    Sparkling Toffee cookies
    Butterscotch/Oatmeal/Pecan cookies
    Sugar Cookies with the kid

    Today we’ll do Gingerbread cookies, I made 6 cups of “Power Granola” to give as a gift, a Banana Bread with “Power Granola” toppings… probably will do a Coffee Cake and Meyer Lemon Bars through the day, too… I didn’t have time to shop with the kiddo sick and stuck at home, so all I can give is my baking and my love. :)

  • Felt the same way about the Julie & Julia, except the part where I wanna hump Chris Messina, who plays Julie’s husband, and have ever since he was Claire’s totally square but awesome boyfriend Ted on Six Feet Under.

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