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My mind is many places today. It flits back and forth from work to the ickiness that I’m feeling (sour stomach and slight headache, most likely due to wine from last night) to Haiti and especially the family members of a friend of ours. He hasn’t heard from them yet. There’s also some stuff brewing at home. Nothing bad, just stressful, and hopefully I’ll be able to talk more about that later.

When I was in the throes of grad school, I would often “stress bake.” Things would get out of control and overwhelming, so I would bake so that I could control something, accomplish something. Even if it didn’t have anything to do with anything pressing in my life.

A few times a semester, I would show up to work and announce, “I MADE CUPCAKES!” as my face melted off. My co-workers enjoyed the fruits of my stress…or maybe they were just afraid to say otherwise.

So, in the interest of focusing myself, I want to tell you about a few food successes that I’ve had recently.

Remember when I told you about all of the stuff that I made around the holidays and how the batch of cranberry brownies that I made didn’t come out quite right? Well, I let the brownies sit out for a few days until they were nice and stale so that I could turn them into bread pudding.


If there’s a Heaven and when I die the bouncer isn’t quite sure about letting me in, I will bring up this bread pudding.

I searched around for a basic bread pudding recipe and just swapped out bread for brownies and added some stale dinner rolls that were languishing in the fridge. But it got me thinking that something like stale brioche or challah would be really yummy in this, too.

After I made it, I actually found a recipe for brownie bread pudding and it was pretty much the same one that I used, so if you’re interested in trying it yourself, follow this.

The crew at MamaPop is doing a group weight loss/fitness thing and since I needed to eat a little healthier than I did over the holidays, I made some stuff that I can take to work for lunch everyday. One of the things that I made was a Hearty Winter Veggie Pilaf that I got out of the Rachael Ray magazine that consists of quinoa, brussel sprouts, dried cranberries, mushrooms, and parsley. It’s yummy and hearty, though I think it would do really well with a little rice vinegar.

I know that this is kind of a vapid post, but our continued lack of computer and internet at home has killed any regular posting habits that I may have had. And I don’t care too much about hits and whatnot, but when I glance at my sitemeter…yikes.

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