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punishment, part 2

I shouldn’t call it punishment, but sometimes it feels like it. I’m doing Couch to 5k.

I finished my third week on Saturday and I’m honestly kind of surprised that I’ve made it this far. The first few days I thought for sure that I would die, but I can actually feel myself getting stronger bit by bit. And I’ve been really pushing myself to finish the jogging intervals no matter what.

I’ve never jogged as regular activity. When I was a ballet dancer, it was generally discouraged because of the risk of shin splints and the different muscle use (read: your thighs might get too big). So, learning to jog is very humbling. And I think it’s really making me recognize that, while I’m not old, I’m definitely not as young as I used to be. I feel pretty certain that if I had decided to take up jogging, say, five years ago, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Now, my knees hurt and my breathing sucks. The 30ish pounds that I’ve put on since I started grad school and my main physical activity became typing and freaking the hell out* dance gloriously around my mid-section as I start to resemble Fred Sanford during one of his claims of The Big One.

The game has changed for me. I was very in shape from ballet when I was younger and retained a lot of that through a good portion of my 20s. Picking up a physical activity wasn’t A Thing. Now it is.

I had actually been toying with the idea of doing the Couch to 5k for a number of years after a friend on LiveJournal mentioned it. And I made an attempt last year which resulted in me deciding that I don’t like treadmills for much the same reason that I was terrified of escalators when I was little. I mean, I don’t REALLY believe that the treadmill is going to eat me, unlike that automatic foot-eating monster in Gimbel’s that forced my mom to go the long way to find a safe and non-hungry-for-tiny-toes elevator. But the speed that I had to go to run was just slightly too fast and remember one time thinking, “I really should have put that emergency clip thing on my shirt. This could end poorly.” Plus, the first few weeks of C25K have a lot of switching back and forth between running and walking, and that made for a lot of button pressing while hyperventilating, running, and trying not to fly off the treadmill and into the bench weights.

I’m not doing much in the way of calorie restriction or anything. Just eating healthy foods when I’m hungry and trying not to snack too much. A few people have told me I’m looking good and I’m just going with that for now. My scale has dust on it.

I’ll start week four hopefully tomorrow. I was going to start it today but we went roller skating on Saturday and I have a monster blister on the bottom of my foot. Sexy.

*By the way, my school was just ranked the 8th most stressful school in the country by the Daily Beast, which isn’t exactly The Source on such matters, but whatever, it’s documentation that I slayed that particular dragon and/or am certifiable for attempting such a thing.

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  • I’m doing couch-to-5K too, and I should be on like week 6 or so by now, but I’m still on week 4 because I keep finding it too freaking hard to advance up to the next level when I should. So I hung at week 3 for an extra week, and I’m doing the same with week 4. Whatever, I’ll get there eventually. If I don’t keel over & die first.
    .-= cindy w´s last blog ..This is what happens when you have a girl =-.

  • I’m doing it too, also on week 3. I had my third week 3 workout yesterday but not sure if I’ll move on to week 4. I’m kind of with Cindy above, maybe holding a level over to two weeks will be better for my body. I’m trying not to kill my knees.
    .-= Mary P (BarnMaven)´s last blog ..Does my child belong in public? =-.

  • Juli

    Omg I started c25k yesterday, I want to die today an I did yesterday as well. Let’s just say I took that “brisk” warm up walk a little too seriously and almost fell over during the running. I am also dumb and decided that 2 in the afternoon in the blazing sun was a good time to start this out. I decided to try ilose as well to keep me accountable in what I am shoving in my mouth.

  • I started in January and ran my first 5K end of March. I had never run before and those first 60 seconds of running that first week were horrible. But I somehow managed to finish the race and I ran the whole time and I was so proud of myself, and that’s not a feeling I’m altogether familiar with.

    Also, I padded the program with a few extra weeks so I wouldn’t burn out toward the end. I did weeks 5 & 6 twice, and that seemed to help a lot.

  • You rock. I totally agree about the treadmill- that’s why I’ve been running outside, even though I’m totally self conscious. I started week three this week, and I don’t quite want to die as much as I thought I would. I’ve definitely decided that quite a bit of this is mental…and I used to want to punch people who said that.

    We’re looking for a 5k to run the end of summer/early fall – because as much as I think I can do this, I’m not quite as convinced (yet) about doing it in the hot weather. Wanna join us?

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