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seviche gift certificate winner

Mornin’ everyone. I’m trying to pretend that yesterday never happened for Pittsburgh sports. The Brewers beat the Pirates, 20-0, which makes it the worst defeat in Pirates’ history, and if you know the Pirates, you know that that’s really saying something. The husband and the sister-in-law actually went to the game and they were all depressed afterward. Then the Penguins lost to the Senators in triple overtime. Thankfully, the playoffs aren’t over for the Pens, but extending them longer than necessary gets to be really nerve-wracking.

ANYWAY, let’s move on to more pleasant things, namely who the lucky winner is of the $50 gift certificate to Seviche. I went to random.org a few minutes and drew the number 18. Commenter #18 was…Katrina! Congratulations, Katrina! I’ll be emailing you in a few minutes.

Thanks, everyone, so much for entering. I think this was really fun and I hope we can do something similar again some time. And even if you didn’t win this time, I do sincerely recommend that you check out both the Sonoma Grille and Seviche. You won’t be sorry. Thank you, also, to Nakturnal for contacting me and arranging the whole thing.

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