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who the hell is this guy?


You know sometimes you look at your kid or a kid that you know or are close to and you suddenly think, “When the hell did this happen?” I mean, LOOK at him. He’s all tall and lanky and looking like…a DUDE.

Let me do something really terrible and show you the picture that I took of him on his first day of preschool back in 2004.

It's blurry because I was sobbing.

Back then, he was all sweet and squishy and rode in his backpack carrier on the bus with me to his little school. And he did this cute little overbite thing whenever he would call me “Mum.”

Now he dishes with his teachers about A Tribe Called Quest and places bets with them on the NBA championship (he lost, had to write a book report). He groans at me when I drag him out of bed in the morning. He rolls his eyes and melodramatically declares, “I hate my life,” when he doesn’t get his way.

But he also does cute and funny and sweet things from time to time. Like the other morning when he climbed into bed with me for a few minutes, looked at me with those sapphire eyes, and said, “You’re awesome.” And the other day when he saw a police car and mistakenly said, “Nine Oh!” instead of “Five Oh.”

He finished second grade on Wednesday. I need a drink.

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