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kdiddys of wal-mart

You know that site People of Wal-Mart? I’ve never really liked it because it seemed really mean-spirited and I am, as I’ve mentioned, sensitive about the fact that we shop at Wal-Mart a lot.* But I don’t think I can really decry the meanness of it since I generally laugh at stuff like latfh.com and antiduckface.com. So, as long as I’m not a potential target of mockery, I’m cool. At least I’m honest about my hypocrisy.

Anyway, last weekend we stopped at the store and I was wearing this sundress that had a drawstring-type embellishment at the collar. I had tossed some tomatoes into a produce bag and because I never bother with twist ties, I quickly whipped the top of the bag into a knot. When I went to put the bag into the cart, I was surprised to find the top half of my body dipping into the cart, as well. In my haste, I had somehow managed to entwine the drawstring into the knot of the produce bag.

I picked at the knot but couldn’t seem to find where it began. So, I did what any normal person would do and let the bag of tomatoes hang off of the front of me while I went looking for the husband to help.

His facial expression changed from confusion to amused horror as he saw me approaching, plastic bag of produce swinging from my neck. “Could you help me, please? I tied these to me and I can’t get them off,” I said. “Whaaa…Why….Wha…” he stammered, before giving up and picking at the knot. He eventually had to rip the bag off, leaving me with some remnants that were slightly easier to remove.

I survived the rest of that shopping trip unscathed, though certain I would find myself on the aforementioned site.

* Mostly big grocery shopping trips because the average cost is lower and I have no interest in taking on the equivalent of a part-time job clipping coupons, though more power to all of the frugality bloggers who rock that approach.

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