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I am about two hours away from a three-day weekend so today I’m doing pre-mini-vacation stuff like working for no more than three minutes (or as long as my attention span allows) and then doing stuff like taking pictures of myself in the ladies’ room mirror.

Something that I’m hoping my running and other exercises will help me with is my posture. When I was a ballet dancer, I of course had pristine posture. But over the years my shoulders have steadily slumped down and forward. Quitting ballet made me less aware of my body, I gained weight (both the normal amount that comes when you begin consuming food after a 10-year hiatus and the extra stuff that I packed on because, well, “It comes deep-fried? Can you put some wine on it, too?!?! EXCELLENT!”), got a desk job where I spend a lot of time furiously typing, and also the regular beatings that the universe rains down on me.

I was sorting through clothes the other day to get some stuff together to give to the Vets and found a dress that I bought two years ago. I remember wearing it to see Eddie Izzard and the husband took a picture of me in it and I couldn’t believe how decrepit I looked, just because of my posture.

I’m wearing it again today and it reminded me of my efforts to stand up straight. Allow me to illustrate.

Standing up straight.

Slumping, though you can’t tell the difference too much. So let’s go for the dreaded side view.

Standing up straight.

Slumping. Also, hey when’s the baby due?

That second side view is from a slightly different location because someone walked into the bathroom right before I was going to take it, so I had to scramble and act like I was just pacing around the bathroom looking at my phone…because that’s far more normal. It also resulted in this picture:

Anyway, I assure that I’m not exaggerating my posture in any of those pictures. If I relax to the point where my typical posture is, that’s what it looks like.

Maybe I’ll start walking around with a book on my head, old school style.

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