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When we were on our little writers’ retreat in Las Vegas last year, I admitted to the MamaPoppers that I don’t really like much of the stuff that I write. I think a lot of people are that way. It’s like hearing your recorded voice played back to you. Your voice always sounds like you’re 10 and your writing always reads like gibberish and bad metaphors. I mean, there are plenty of times that for whatever reason I don’t put forth my best efforts and I think that’s easily detected and sometimes I try with all that is in me to write something I like and it just doesn’t happen.

This post just kind of came out of me. It’s not perfect, it’s not even proofread, but it felt good to write and I even enjoyed reading it. I actually wasn’t embarrassed by it and told a few people that I would like them to read it.

Yesterday, Lisa Stone informed me via Twitter that that post had been selected to be featured on BlogHer.com’s Voice of the Week column and I nearly cried. It meant a lot to me that someone read that and related to it and perhaps felt a little less alone…or at least liked the writing.

The meltdown that I wrote about wasn’t the last one that I would have that week. I had a doozy on Saturday. I think the lesson that I need to take away from this is to have tiny meltdowns more regularly rather than bottling them up and exploding every few weeks. Less angry, more often. That’s my motto.

This morning I was thinking that it would be hilarious if I decided to become a life coach. My clients would come to me and say, “I don’t know what to do with my life. I’m unhappy.” And my advice would be, “Well, first you’re going to need a cake or three. And gin. Set those aside for now. Then I want you to lash out at everyone for things that you can’t change. Now, you’re going to want to crumple up your face and sob until your shirt has snot all over it. Finally, slice up your cake(s) and dip the slices in gin. Consume. Repeat as needed.”

Not really related to either of those things, I’ve gone back to a full RSS feed. I had originally gone to excerpts last year after some sort of feed-scraping incident freaked me out. Hopefully, that won’t be a problem again. And hopefully you bums will still click through and comment.

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