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Over two weeks since I last posted! Sad face! Mostly, I’ve just been really busy, but partly I just needed a break from myself. Do you ever get that way? Just, “Ugh, shut up, Self. Give it a rest.” I’m hoping that I’ll get a chance tomorrow to write a little bit and tell you some stuff, but for now, this is the most pressing thing on my mind:


You might think that that’s just another picture of the baby, but you would be wrong. That’s a picture of the baby from this morning as he started his first official day as a third-grader.

Third. Grade. THIRD.

I can clearly remember being in third grade, so how is it that I now have a kid in third grade? That’s the year that I got chicken pox, but he’s vaccinated against those, so there’s one less experience that we can relate to together. Feeling a bit rudderless these days. Like that’s anything new, right?

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