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transportation woes

I really need to get my driver’s license.

I’ve taken the test four times and failed each time. I can’t seem to get my mind past the fact that I hate driving, I hate obnoxious drivers, and I hate how strict they are about the test and fail me for imperfect parking but seem to just throw licenses off of a float in the middle of a parade for, like, All Jackasses’ Day. Seriously, the stuff that I see on a daily basis? There ought to be an investigation launched into the DMV.

The other main thing that’s really keeping me from just going and taking the test until I pass is that we can’t afford another car right now and if I’m driving myself to work, then the husband is without.

It’s only around times like these that I really notice how much easier life would be if I could drive.

The husband is in Detroit for a few days and my mom, who works right near me, was supposed to take me and the baby to his piano lesson and then home. But my mom came down with the flu or something and I had to call upon my mother-in-law to get us, which obviously makes me feel guilty since she has other stuff that she’s doing.

This morning, I had to catch the bus to work, which is fine, but since Port Authority did their most recent round of service cuts, the bus from my neighborhood to downtown has the most absurd morning rush hour schedule. There’s a bus at 8:07 and another at 8:41. Missing from that lineup is the bus that I used to catch at around 8:20, which would get me to work in Oakland by 9:00…maybe a few minutes after.

The problem with that is that the baby’s school bus comes at 8:16. So I have to get the 8:41 bus, which gets me to Oakland around 9:30. Or I have to deposit the baby at his bus stop and leave before he gets picked up, which I’m not comfortable doing yet. I feel like there’s probably plenty of 8-year-olds who manage such responsibilities just fine, I’m just not sure either of us is ready for that. I’d kind of feel like he was the baby in that Dave Chappelle bit where his limo driver drove him into a really sketchy area in the middle of the night and then left him waiting there for awhile.

(Some NSFW language in here.)

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  • Andy

    Just an idea–have you ever checked into one of those carpool vans? Not even sure where you’d check, but Ive seen a couple in my parking garage in town {Theater Square} and have seen then driving through Oakland and Lawrenceville on my commute. Something like that might be an option for you instead of trying to switch buses?

  • I definitely feel your pain. I just got my license in July at the ripe old age of 24 becuase they were cutting my bus and no bus = no job. I was terrified learning how to drive, terrified of driving and it wasn’t until I actually got my license that I chilled out. (A little. I still sometimes will be driving and think ‘OMG who let this happen?!’)

    I’m not sure where you’ve taken then test, but I had a good experience in Bridgeville. I was in on a Saturday and super early and watched the guy fail 3 people before me. So I was terrified. He seemed to appreciate the fact that I was older, not a kid goofing off. I was sure I was going to fail the parallel parking part, but I somehow managed to pass.

    I know how frustrating it is, when I lived in Oakland without a car it was no biggie, but anywhere outside of city proper is just a pain.

    I bought a car for 1800$ off of Craigslist, but have since put like another 800$ into it, so not sure I’d really recommend that.

    Best of luck!

  • I failed my drivers license test twice, both times ending with me in complete hysterics. I mean, I was only 17, but who are we kidding: I would totally react the exact same way at 33.

    Anyway, I am always very anxious about all the assholes driving around out there, but being able to drive myself actually makes me feel better because then I’m in control. False sense of security, I guess, but whatever.

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