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sick day

My alarm finally succeeded in waking me up at 7:40 this morning, nearly two hours after it started going off, and eight hours after my head hit the pillow, where I dreamed about the frustrating ticketing policies of Lincoln Center for The Nutcracker. Ben Stein was the ticket office representative, and he was less than helpful in a monotonic way, so I called him a “piece of shit Republican” and hung up to go have an illicit encounter in the bathroom with the husband.

If you couldn’t tell by these events, I’m a little sick. I’ve been fighting a head cold since some time Wednesday, mere hours after the chatty barista on campus said, “I’ve been fighting that head cold that’s going around,” as he handed me my drink. Ah, well. ‘Tis the season.

The mild illness, combined with an extremely packed schedule so far this month (seemingly everybody’s weddings and/or birthdays are this month), have wreaked havoc on my healthy living initiatives. I’ve been too miserable to exercise and have been eating comfort foods. One crappy week isn’t a total failure, though, right?

When I have a cold, I like to drink Constant Comment tea with lots and lots of clover honey and eat grilled cheese sandwiches dipped in Campbell’s Tomato Soup. Tomato Rice if I have it on hand, but in either case, the soup must be made with milk, not water. Cookies are also essential. Fortunately, the aforementioned glut of weddings and birthdays have kept me lousy with cookies.

I’m looking forward to a Friday night at home, on the couch, sipping tea and recovering.

What are your non-scientific cold remedies?

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