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here's to...

…the moment I saw you walking toward my house and I put out my cigarette because I knew you didn’t like it.

…the distance that shrank between us on the couch as Pi flickered on the screen in front of us.

…the blissful half-sleep that we fell into on the floor.

…the kiss that I gave you, the only thing that I could do at that moment.

…the countless kisses that came immediately after.

…the yawns that I stifled the next day at work, in between beaming smiles thinking of the night that never really ended.

…the stunned silence that we shared a few days later when we both blurted out, “I think I’m falling in love with you.”

…that walk we took back to my house, arm in arm, gasping at the beauty of the late-night snowfall.

…that kiss, the one in the midst of one of our early “should we or shouldn’t we stay together?” tiffs, the one that made us realize that maybe it wasn’t really up to us.

…those first, shaky, “I love yous.”

…the terrified hug that we gave each other, a positive pregnancy test in the background.

…the tears that we shed, hoping that we were doing the right thing.

…the funny smile that appeared on your face when we first heard the heartbeat.

…focusing on your eyes as you stroked my forehead and told me jokes to keep me calm while our son was being born.

…how you’ve always pushed me to be stronger, but have always been there to catch me when I’ve collapsed.

…how you’ve never once entertained the notion that I was anything less than kick-ass.

…how you show your weaknesses and fears in tiny ways that only I can understand.

…how you’re basically the coolest father any kid could possibly hope for, even if you do yell too much.

…how you looked at me and told me that I was your strength as you became my husband.

…how you never, ever compromise on what’s important to you, even when it frustrates me.

…the countless laughs that we’ve shared.

…the way that our arguments just kind of dissolve.

…the fact that we know that we’re the best partner for each other.

…the way you can ask something like, “What was the name of that chick who was in that movie?” and I can usually provide the correct answer.

…the moment in between being awake and falling asleep, when I’m in your arms, and I know that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

…how, just when I think I couldn’t possibly fall more in love with you, I do just that.

Here’s to ten years together, through good and bad. I love you so, so much.

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