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I had a not-so-great evening last night. I was in a really bad mood after work and started babbling to the husband about the various Dark Things that I was thinking.

“I feel like I managed to screw up my life without actually doing anything wrong or bad.”

I used to feel this way all the time but I’ve been trying to just push it back and away because it doesn’t help anything. I think it bubbled up because I haven’t been running in about three weeks (no real good excuse…got sick and work’s been CRAZY). But after ranting for awhile I settled down. We headed to our neighborhood and visited with the husband’s grandmother, home tonight after a very rough two weeks in the hospital. Perspective: gulped down like the big ol’ pill that it is.

We trudged to our house, hungry, and I became pretty angry with the baby for not completing his homework at his after school program. If he waits until we get home, he’s always too tired and what should be 20 minutes of work turns into 3 hours. While he looked for excuses to dawdle around his math problems, I picked up a piece of homework that he had finished: a worksheet asking him to study some greeting cards and deduce what the greetings inside might be.

I started laughing and couldn’t stop. I could barely breathe. Tears rolled down my face. I shared the greeting cards with the husband and he cracked up, too.

We seem to be raising some kind of accidental greeting card genius. If I were someecards, I would be very scared right now.


It starts off innocently enough with, “Hope you get well,” but then we move into the cool, detached world of new baby joy with, “Your baby is looking well.”


There’s another basic greeting of, “Congratulations on getting married,” but then there are those other two.


Every time I look at this, I lose it. If I don’t get this card for my birthday this year, I’m going to be pissed.

The baby was surprised that we found them funny, but was pleased to have made us laugh. Of course, after that happy moment, he continued to stall on his homework, which pissed everyone off. Whatever. Cool bike.

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