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can't keep runnin' away

I did something really immature about two months ago and unsubscribed from a blog in a huff. The author, who I have never interacted with, had hurt my feelings by posting her thoughts on recreational runners: people who set out to run a 5k during some crisis period in their life. It’s not that activity that bothered her so much, it was the perceived oversharing of said recreational runners, posting their results on Twitter or Facebook and proudly displaying their post-race pictures with their participation medals. She assured any recreational runners reading the post that this was highly irritating to everyone and anyone who hadn’t pointed that out to them was just being nice. She also informed them that real runners, those who had been doing it for a long time, thought they were a huge joke. The comments validated her, with both friends of recreational runners and “real runners” confirming that such people were both irritating and full of it.

It made me feel very sheepish and upset. I have no evidence that anyone in my life, either online or in meatspace, is actively irritated with my jogging and the fact that I share my jogs on the internet. However, to the above blogger and her supporters and anyone in my life who feels that way: it is not the mark of a good friend to mock their efforts at turning their lives around or literally slogging through a dark time. You are doing them and me no favors, so please remove yourselves from our lives.

Like I said, this is immature and overly sensitive of me, but that’s just kind of how I am these days.


For those of you still here, I’ve been shuffling on treadmills and around Pittsburgh for over a year now and on Sunday I’m going to participate in my very first 5k. I’ll be doing the Race for the Cure. I’m extremely anxious about this. I’m afraid of making a fool of myself because, honestly, I’m not very good at running and I know that I’ll have to walk at least a little bit of it. So I’m doing the non-competitive, un-timed run/walk.

I’m excited about it, though. I’ve been feeling really, really down on myself lately and I think being able to do this will give me a little boost. And I’ve heard lots of stories about how cool it is to experience an event like this.

It’s for a good cause, too. So, hopefully I won’t be too irritated with myself for voluntarily getting out of bed so early on not just a Sunday but Mother’s Day.

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    Kidding, of course. The blogger who bitched about that needs to eat a generous bag of dicks, seriously. She had a problem with people ‘oversharing’ their hobbies and achievements on THE FUCKING INTERNET? Sounds like a valid complaint to me, except that it isn’t.

    Good luck this weekend, my friend. Anyone who can run a mile without vomiting has my mad respect.

  • Also, John Roberts is awesome. “Oh, COME ON, people,” is something we repeat in our house on the reg.

  • [mark]

    i think your indignation at her attitude is not only justifiable, but, y’know…FUCK HER and her uppity opinion of herself.

    first of all: girfriend ain’t curing cancer. the pride or hubris or whatever-the-fuck-is-on-display here in her blog post is a bit…overblown (?) for the topic at hand. it’s running. 5 year-olds do it. A LOT. maybe not 1 or 5 or 10 miles at a clip, granted.

    you (the blog author) don’t “own” running. you aren’t the “queen of running”. you don’t get to decide who joins the “cool kids club”.

    second: not everyone has the same “drive” for it as she does, and not everyone is as experienced as she is. if you don’t devote a minimum of 4 hours a day to running (or whatever her arbitrary, completely-fabricated-in-her-head-and-therefore-bullshit number she could affix to justify her attitude), you ain’t shit? some people have jobs, families, kids, social lives, etc. that take up a little more of their time. please remove the flagpole from your ass, ma’am.

    i mean really…that would be like me or any one of a hundred people we know randomly blasting away at a guy on Facebook who is just starting DJ’ing at some small bar in the burbs somewhere and promoting his night…because he’s not a ‘REALLY FOR REAL’ DJ.

    (perhaps that is a prickly analogy, as i’ve gotten into it with yo man and other people about similar issues in the past… but still, you’re not him. i feel safe in going there. it’s also, admittedly, an easy topic for me to speak on and relate to…)

    fuck it, man…people gotta start somewhere. keep doing what you do. you’re not doing it for her approval (or anyone else’s, for that matter…i hope). you’re doing it because it’s what you wanna do. and, i guess, cause it’s good for you and you enjoy it. and people in the “reality based world” respect your chutzpah and such. i need to get off my fat ass and do more. i’m $1000 into an elliptical machine that has been used exactly twice in a month b/c my wife fucked up her knee. i best get moving.

    so yeah. perhaps, in re-reading, maybe i’m a little over-righteously-indignant about a vague topic. but, um…i tend to do that. take it as a compliment to your writing. i was moved. or something.

  • It is well-established that the only thing I run is late, but anybody who complains about others sharing their running victories is a dick. Period.

    It’s the people who constantly update about their Foursquare mayorships and badges and such that are annoying. Not the runners. Heh.

    Good luck with the race!

  • you rock.
    kick butt on sunday, and remember that you’re doing it first and foremost for yourself & no one can take that away from you. also: you’re prettier and smarter. take that, internet!

  • Missy

    Really?? I had to read that twice. I didn’t even know that was a thing…

    “Yeah, congratulations on your.. MARRIAGE.. I got married fucking FOUR. YEEEARS AGO. psssh.”

    “Oh. You just had your first baby? Well I’ve got FIVE kids.. AND a boyfriend, so FUCK. YOU.”

  • The idea that someone can find fault with people who take up running as a hobby and enjoy it, baffles me. When I trained for the marathon, I found seasoned runners who were SUPER excited to talk to me about it, and to help me. Also, when I was training there was a certain comraderie with other runners I’d see on my long runs. Especially runners that I could tell were old timers and could see how hard I was working, so I’m sorry you had to read a shitty post by a shitty person. I would be surprised if that person is getting any satisfaction out of the rest of their life, because that sounds like a ridiculous case of “I have nothing else in my life and if someone else is doing something I enjoy, I must shame them for not doing it as well as me”-ITIS. Which is a long name for a syndrome, yes, but a well deserved one.

    I support your running efforts and try not to be too nervous about your 5K, it’s going to be so much fun! My first (and only, so far) marathon was one of the best experiences of life, and I can’t wait to read about your run.

  • Lisa

    That blogger has no idea what she is talking about – if you run you are a runner, plain and simple. I’ve run 8 half marathons and done a triathlon – and I started running during a rough time in my life. A local runner (NE Ohio) recently won the woman’s race at Big Sur Marathon in California. Last summer I saw her at a bunch of local races and every race she finished she stayed out there and cheered until every last person was across the finish line. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t think recreational runners aren’t a joke, and she is a “real runner.” Keep up the hard work and good luck on Sunday!

  • That blogger’s post sounds a lot like the reaction some people had when that 400-pound guy ran a marathon. It’s all about someone feeling that their accomplishment is diminished by the number of others who accomplish the same thing.

  • People like this really bug me. Their attitude makes others apprehensive about trying new things.

    I love reading about how people challenge themselves and I find it inspiring. I wish you the best of luck with your 5k this weekend and look forward to reading about it in the future.

  • Gah! Why do “runners” like that get so righteous and uppity about what other people do? Just a shot in the dark here, but I’m guessing that person probably “overshares” about their “training” and “goals” APLENTY.
    Anywho, good luck with your race and there’s no need to call yourself immature. I think you were justified.

  • I would’ve done the same.

    Can’t we all just support and encourage one another???

  • Amy

    OMG, do people really do that?! How douchey. I mean, all runners were new to the activity at one time, right? Jeez. Keep moving, keep sharing, keep enjoying. And have a GREAT time in your 5K!!

  • Maureen

    All I think when you post your running accomplishments is that you’re awesome and that it’s inspiring. Congratulations on finishing the 5K!

  • I read on Twitter (’cause you shared and that was fucking OK with the world) that you had a decent run out there. Congratulations!

    Did it make you want to do another one? (And live blog it to boot?)

  • janet c

    I guess I too am a “recreational” runner. I went back to it about a year and half ago. When I used to run about 12 yrs ago I did a few 5 k and a two 10 k runs and they were by far the most motivating and spirit lifting accomplishments I had. (well except for my kid maybe) I totally agree with your thoughts on the matter and kicking such friends to the curb and congratulate you for running. I do not often read you here (usually just at mamapop) but way to go for doing this for YOU! I hope you got the “high” that I remember the races to be.

  • Cedar

    It makes me sad that the bloggers readers would echo that sentiment. I have been running for decades and been in two marathons and I still love hearing about running, especially new runners. Your run counter is one of the things that drew me into your blog. It seems brave that would post your mileage (I’m usually too shy) and it encourages other people. Lastly, for me, running directly affects my mental health. I value it so highly for keeping me sane without drugs.

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