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this entry brought to you by pain meds

Every once in awhile, I wake up to find that I’ve slept in such a way that I’ve caused my neck to spasm. It sucks, especially since it happens at least once a year. I spend the next two days or so moving very stiffly until it works itself out and I get my full range of motion back. Last week, I woke up to a slightly stiff neck that gradually got worse over the day. The next day it was pretty bad, but I figured I needed to just grit my teeth like every other time.

Fast forward to today, and I’m still dealing with my painfully stiff neck. For over a week, it’s been like this, on a frustrating cycle of loosening up somewhat during the day only to revert to its ickiness during the night. Getting out of bed in the morning is excruciating (I mean, more so than usual). I’ve adopted a posture and gait not unlike Nosferatu’s.


Me, heading upstairs to seduce the husband. Oddly, I was unsuccessful.

I kept working out on my usual schedule this week, finding some relief in yoga and Pilates during all of the stretching and floorwork. But during yesterday’s Pilates class I realized that going there was a mistake. I had to lie on my mat for at half of the 30-minute class and found myself tearing up from pain and frustration. I went to see Fat Beckett with Gayle last night and felt fairly good during that and our dinner date beforehand. (During dinner, we came up with a HEE-LAAAAR-EEE-US viral-video-to-be that I sincerely hope we can bring to life. The word “dupa” features prominently.) I put my heating pad on it for a little while before bed, but woke up this morning in possibly even more pain than ever.

I realized that I needed to quit waiting for it to get better on its own and headed to Med Express during lunch. They had mercy on me and gave me some prescription Aleve and some kind of pain medicine that makes me reeeeeeally drowsy. Hold on, gotta take a quick nap.

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