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When I found out about my herniated disc, I had a couple of emotions run through me immediately. Relief, because it wasn’t something really terrible. Confusion, because how did I do this to myself? And fear/worry, because the strong possibility of surgery in my future and the relative seriousness of this injury threw me. Since then I’ve done a lot of googling and a lot of rationalizing. I’m not in constant pain so maybe I won’t need surgery, etc.

Wednesday night, we took the baby to the WWE show. Tickets to that were his big present this year. The husband and I just can not get into wrestling, but the baby really loves it so we go. The show was long and somewhere around the three-hour mark, I began to notice some pain. When we got home, I took one of the painkillers and relaxed.

A few hours later, the painkiller had worn off, and I had a hard time settling into a comfortable position in bed. This frustrated me and suddenly all of the emotions that I’d been swirling around burst out. The husband was concerned that the tears were all due to pain.

“No. I’m in pain but I’m mostly just scared and upset.”

He talked me down and I sat up for a bit to drink some water and pet the cats who had come to check on me when they heard me crying. The husband scooched up and kissed my neck. It felt better after that.

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