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having a point is not my goal for this blog post...or life in general

I went to Baltimore last weekend to hang out with Tracey and Charlie, which was nice but incredibly short. I brought workout clothes with me, knowing that Tracey had a treadmill, because my schedule had been kind of wacky last week. The only flaw with this plan was that I did not take into account that those two would keep me at a pretty steady level of inebriation all weekend. Every few minutes, it seemed like Charlie was standing in front of me with a plate of grits and something boozy. Not a bad way to live life, I must say.

Saturday, we were going to go to Amy’s for dinner and it was getting to be about time to get ready to go. I sucked down the last of my Bloody Mary, stood up, and said, “Where’sh your treadmullll?” I don’t necessarily recommend jogging while tipsy, especially not on a treadmill, which is really disorienting. There are a lot of buttons and screens to interpret. Plus, the whole 15 minutes I could stand being on there, I was thinking, “Oh my god, I’m going SO FAST! This is insane!” and I was at, like, 3.7 miles an hour or something.

At Amy’s, Ezra fed me cantaloupe and Baby Ike took his first steps. I had forgotten how thrilling that moment is, since with older kids they accomplish big things seemingly all the time. But remembering how amazing it is to see a little guy have things just click between his body and his mind was so, so cool.

Speaking of my older kid, he’s still regularly cracking me up. He attended an Ultimate Frisbee camp a few weeks ago. (And since it was a really nice program I’m going to go ahead and give them an unsolicited plug on my well-established blog: Camp Spirit of the Game.) He had a really nice, full day of playing Frisbee, eating lunch and watching a bit of a movie, swimming, then more Frisbee. He got a really nice shirt to wear for the week and if that weren’t enough, the camp sent us these great pictures that their resident photographer took. This one was the cutest:


So many points and angles to this kid.

This one is my favorite:


A big aspect of the game was learning about sportsmanship and every day they had a key attribute that they would focus on. We were supposed to discuss these with him at home. The first day, I was asking him about camp and he was all worn out and whatnot. “What was your sportsmanship word of the day?” I asked. He replied, “Enthusiasmmmm.” But he said it in the most unenthusiastic way possible. Like the word just kind of fell out of his mouth. He’s just ready to absorb life lessons in a hilarious manner.

This morning, on the way to work, we were talking about Hoosiers because we watched it last night. I mentioned that they used to play the locker-room-speech-slow-clap scene at Pirates games and everyone would get all riled up.

The husband didn’t remember them playing that, but did remember seeing the “We Will Rock You” scene from Cheers at Pirates games, and told me to pull it up on YouTube.

And then, of course, we fell into a Cheers wormhole on YouTube, which isn’t the worst way to spend a morning commute. (But wow isn’t life weird now?)

After that last scene ended, the kid asked me, “Mum, now play that one where, um, the, uh…………….uh the girl is at……uh…..Disney? And it’s like….tragic?” The husband and I just sat there with our mouths hanging open because neither of us knew what he was talking about. “Can you, maybe, take a minute and try to form a coherent request?” When he trips over his words like that, he reminds us of George Michael in Arrested Development, when his dad insists that he doesn’t have any problem communicating and he replies, “What? Yes. Maybe? I don’t know. Okay.” My darling little Bluth.

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