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pride of the port chester sports program

This week, the kid is making a repeat appearance at a frisbee camp. Yesterday was the first day and we got a kick out of meeting all of the coaches. The staff is mostly college-age kids who are best described as clean hippies. Very little hemp or facial hair but just so many exclamations of, “Duuuuude,” and “Awwwwwwesome,” and that laugh. You know the one, that kind of breathy, throaty chuckle. Not a bad way to spend his second full week of summer vacation.

The big milestone around here, aside from our wedding anniversary, is that my kid was promoted from his elementary school in an adorable ceremony two weeks ago. All of the kids, excited by finally being free of school uniforms, got dressed up in suits, dresses, and wackier outfits. My kid wanted to look fairly clean cut.

fifth-grade-graduation 001
Clean cut down to the shoes, that is.

He received several awards for academic achievement and perfect attendance. It’s such a relief to me that his time in school seems to be going so much better for him than it did for me. He still has a reasonable amount of gripes with it. But overall he seems to enjoy learning and being around his peers and things “click” for him pretty smoothly. I was always too busy flailing about something to get consistently good grades or go to school every day. WHATEVER IT WAS MY JOURNEY AND I HAD TO GO THROUGH IT ON MY OWN TERMS *sob*.

In the fall, he goes off to the big 6-12 school. He’s really excited and I am, too. But the new school just seems so different from his elementary school. It was so warm and sweet and just the right size. His new school is in a huge, imposing building and contains huge, imposing teenagers. My kid is still so physically little that it seems like the new school will just swallow him up.

Anyway, yesterday and today I’ve walked to the park to pick him up from camp and it’s been nice to have a little bit of time just the two of us. We don’t get to do that often enough. Yesterday, he got a chance to see my new office, which he liked. Having recently watched Office Space for the first time, he appreciated my red Swingline stapler. On the way back today, we walked past my old building, which was one of the earlier buildings on campus and has a lot of cool, early 20th-century details. My new building is more modern; it’s maybe 30 years old and has a more basic appearance. We then had the following exchange:

“I think I like your old building better than your new building. Your new building is kind of…business casual.”

“Oh? What’s so ‘business casual’ about it?”

“It’s just kind of casual, not fancy. It kinda looks like Initech.”

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  • Alaina M.

    I think I saw you guys walking this week. If he was wearing red, and you were wearing an olive dress, and somewhere near panther hollow bridge. Fun stuff, working in oakland. :)

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