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pittsburgh in october, by dr. seuss(diddy)


A large rubber ducky floats by on the river
Nearby are Pirates, with excitement they quiver

The fountain shoots gold up into the air
Others are pink, for boobs they’re aware

Art explodes out of Carnegie’s Brutalist form
While children crawl through a bright cheery worm

Byrds will take flight with every crackling homerun
There’s a party on the bridge named for the great 21

Pierogis are racing; who knew they were sentient?
Steelers are pacing; their losses? A detriment

Artists will visit the world VIA Pittsburgh
Bringing music and sounds unlike any you’ve heard

At Honcho, we’ll dance in the dark til we sweat
During the best and gayest time we’ve had yet

Dippy is getting his scarf into place
He’s the most stylish dinosaur in this space

In October We have questions we can’t help but ask
And answering them is a formidable task

Will we go to the World Series? Will there be lots of snow?
Will these stinkbugs ever just leave us alone?

Will Cutch clutch the MVP? Is Pittsburgh the best place to be?
The answer to all? Absobucnlutely.

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