I’m trying to be all healthy and active and whatnot

I Read A Lot of Internets


When we were on our little writers’ retreat in Las Vegas last year, I admitted to the MamaPoppers that I don’t really like much of the stuff that I write. I think a lot of people are that way. It’s like hearing your recorded voice played back to you. Your voice always sounds like you’re […]

you look good, girl

If you travel in the same circles of the internet that I do, then you doubtless ran across this fantastic compilation of the 100 greatest quotes from The Wire.

But, of course, all definitive lists are made to be analyzed, picked apart, and perhaps dismissed. This list was pretty good, but I thought that there were […]


So, I had this really crappy headache all day yesterday. One of those that’s, like, on the side of your head. And after work we went to a pizza party for the baby’s soccer team and, surprisingly, a room full of screaming kids didn’t really help. When we got home, I took an inadvisable number […]

the weather is just fine up here on my cross

I just want you all to recognize that I made the extreme sacrifice of peeling myself off of the couch and trudging over to the desktop to write a post. The wireless router in our house died so I can’t use my laptop and I started to tap out a post on my iPhone until […]


I’m going to attempt NaBloPoMo this year, after taking last year off. I am in between pee-wee soccer games right now, the first one being at 8 a.m., so you’ll have to forgive this obvious, “post for posting’s sake.” Sunday is when we also squeeze in laundry and grocery shopping, so I can’t offer much […]

october 1: a retrospective

I’m trying to not think about how far away Starbucks is and how badly I want a Pumpkin Spice Latte, so I started reading back through this blog’s archives and my LiveJournal archives.

October is, perhaps, my favorite month. It’s firmly in fall and has all of fall’s best features. It’s gorgeous to look at and […]

guest post: jiveturkey

Due to the aforementioned *#(Y&(&@#(&) brand of busy that I have going on this week, I decided to outsource posting to a few people. If I had had this idea sooner than Sunday, I would have asked more people, but I think you’ll find that the two people who I did recruit are veritable goldmines […]

the bridges of allegheny county

I’ve been taking the bus to and from work. The driver that I’ve had in the morning likes to get on the PA as we cross the Smithfield Street Bridge into town and say, “Good mornin’ ladies and gentlemen. We’re abaht ta enter bee-YOO-tee-full dahntahn Pittsburgh.”

It never fails to make me smile.

I am super busy […]

da blawggersss part 2

Saturday, I managed to wake up in time for breakfast and went to the opening session, which included a cooking demo using all Wal-Mart ingredients. Helpful, sure, but it’s all Wal-Mart all the time at my house and sometimes I can use a break from the endless parade of Great Value products (Dana commented on […]

da blawggersss

This title was an attempt at some clever adaptation of Superfans.

Get it? Da Bears? Da Blawggers? Chicago?

Anyway. I went to Chicago! I went to BlogHer! It was grand!

I arrived Thursday and met up with Tracey and Dana at the hotel. I had had a gin and tonic on the plane, despite the scandalized glances of […]