I’m trying to be all healthy and active and whatnot

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put mine in a glass and bring it to me on a plate

As with most scenarios in life, I can compare this experience to an episode of Roseanne.

I don’t have what real estate listings refer to as a “chef’s kitchen.” It’s small and electrically challenged and downright ugly, but I’ve managed to outfit it as best I could. And I really grew as a cook and a […]

kittens and roid rage

I’m short on time today, but I wanted to toss these two, unrelated bits at you.

Bit the First:

When we were leaving Wal-Mart on Sunday night, someone was standing by the door giving out free kittens. No lie. I heard “free kittens,” and my head snapped around and the guy doling the fuzzballs out locked eyes […]

nightstand of doom, redeemed (slightly)

Here’s the after to this before:

And, no, the books are not piled up out of frame, they are now stacked in the handy little nook of the nightstand.

I think the fact that the books are crooked bothers me only slightly is a sign of serenity. Go me.

cleaning through the mope

I am (still) having a rough go of it, emotionally. Today, when my mom came to pick up my kid to take him to Oakmont’s light-up night, I was crying a little bit because it seems I have a daily quota these days. She told me to do something that made me happy while they […]

one room down, about a dozen to go

Ladies and gentlemen, we have…finished a room in our house.

There are, of course, a few details remaining. We need a window treatment and that dresser is actually the baby’s changing table/chest of drawers from when he was but a wee thing and, well, he’s kind of outgrown it. But, yes, this is the first room […]

loop pile construction pr0n

As a sort of birthday-slash-I-know-your-life-is-semi-wack-at-the-moment-so-please-cheer-up present, my mom helped us with the financing of some new carpeting. I have never been so physically attracted to something that just lays on the floor and smells kind of weird.

We ripped out a bunch of carpeting when we first bought the house, mostly in the name of ridding […]

oops, i wallowed

You know what you should definitely not do if you’re fighting some sadness? You should definitely not read The Road by Cormac McCarthy. The husband saw me starting to read it the other night and said, “Uh, didn’t you say that you were feeling depressed? Then you really shouldn’t read that book.”

“Yeah, I know. I […]

on new jersey, kitchens, and the big bang theory

I call this postpourri. Get it? Potpourri but in blog post form? And, yes, Tyler Durden, being clever is working out for me just fine.

Anyway, I wrote on MamaPop yesterday about the Sundance Channel’s mini-documentary-series Brick City. Part 3 of 5 aired last night. I think I’m a little too cynical to be really inspired […]

in the hunter-gatherer sense of the word

As of this morning, I am the mother of a second-grader. Excuse me while I gather my internal organs. They seem to have exited my body.

Part of this morning’s first day of school activities included the annual picture. Every year for the past four years, we’ve taken a picture of the baby on the front […]

just some brain drips

Earlier this week, the husband worked some magic with the Allen wrenches and my house, formerly The Land of Flat Packs, now has some shelving and bins and stuff. When we saw the first patch of floor in my son’s room, we cautiously whispered, “What is that?” Then, when we realized that it was the […]