I’m trying to be all healthy and active and whatnot

I Read A Lot of Internets

missed one

Facebook has a handy little year in review for users. Looking through mine and one that you can generate for InstaGram, I found them a little dissatisfying. They didn’t really seem to capture all that was good and bad and huge about 2013. The big things were included, like my new job, but as I’ve […]

face bugs and other failures

When I got my very own rosacea diagnosis, the dermatologist did not say, “Yes, the persistent acne and blotchy skin is from rosacea…which, by the way, is a really nice way of saying, ‘You have tiny bugs shitting in your pores.’” He stopped at “rosacea.” If it hadn’t been for the internet, I would have […]

freedom isn't free. it's about $8 at wal-mart.

A few weeks ago, the husband and I were at Wal-Mart exploiting workers, further diminishing the low rung of the middle class that we exist on, and stocking up on groceries. As we made our way past the clothing section, the husband stopped to take a look at their tshirts. He lazily flicked through the […]

ridin' derpy

I haven’t posted much about our kitten, Florian, because a) I don’t post that much, period (I got bills to pay, son) and b) of the many things on my bucket list, “Morph into a cat blogger” is not one of them. Other peoples’ cats are, I think, even less interesting than other peoples’ kids. […]

cheers and jeers

I’m ripping that post title off of JiveTurkey because this is really just a list of stuff I want more of and stuff I’m sick of. Let’s start with the negativity because that’s my favorite part.

I have had enough of:

Statements about Whitney Houston and addiction. I know her death was untimely. I know addiction is […]

should i send myself flowers?

I’m a terrible blog mommy (note: not mommyblogger, though I don’t care if you call me that, but mother to this blog, as I gave birth to it and whatnot…had to get an episiotomy and everything). On August 3rd, this little blog of mine turned four! Prior to my first real entry here, I had […]

i'm trying to make a dial tone...i can't do it by myself

One more thing before the weekend…

Reading this post on Gin and Tacos led me to this video on AT&T’s archives.My grandparents still have their rotary phone, which I regarded with disdain when I was young. If I was spending the night there as a kid, I had to think long and hard about how badly […]

last weekend in wackness

Remember on Friday when I admitted that we hadn’t been grocery shopping since, like, Bin Laden was still alive? Yeah, still haven’t gone. Normally, we would do such a thing on the weekend, but, well…my weekend was wack. It was a wackend.

Saturday I had to work, which is inherently ugh. Yes, it was for a […]

saturday night's alright for memeing

Two things worth noting about this video: 1) I’m wearing a shirt that says, “There is no R in Warsh,” warsh being how many people in this region pronounce wash and 2) I did my best to just say the words as naturally as I could. I’ve noticed lately that I do have a bit […]

words to live by

This is not safe for work, but it is safe for awesome. A classic Dr. Dre song filtered through a Columbia University a cappella group:

Saw this on Sociological Images.