I’m trying to be all healthy and active and whatnot

I Read A Lot of Internets


Early this morning, I was awakened by Florian the Kitten, who discovered his ability to walk on the baby’s keyboard, thereby turning it on and playing a few notes. I was pleased that a musically inclined psychopath had not broken in and that at least one of the beings in our household will willingly practice […]

i can't stand the rain...against my window

My future, seasonally-depressed self is going to kick me in the face for saying this, but I’m really digging this chilly, rainy weather we’ve been having. I think because it’s the only time when it’s not only accepted to stay in your house under a pile of blankets and watching TV, but it’s actively encouraged.

I […]

my i-don't-have-to-run day ('cept i did have to run)

Normally, I like my Sundays to consist of sleeping, eating, and watching movies and football. This past Sunday was nearly the opposite of that.

I got up at what we here on the internet like to call o’dark-thirty and went to Oakland to participate in the Great Race 5k. This was kind of a big deal […]