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30 days of truth day 5: something i hope to do in my life

There are a bunch of things that I hope to do in my life.

I want to go on a honeymoon with the husband. We couldn’t when we got married, but our fantasy trip was to Brazil.

I kinda want to have another baby. The husband is diametrically opposed and I recognize that it’s kind of a bad idea. But still…the desire is there.

I want to see the light on my son’s face as he watches the sun rise over the Great Pyramids in Egypt.

Those are the big things.

The main thing that I want to do in life, the thing that I just want to accomplish no matter what, is hosting Thanksgiving and/or Christmas at my house.

This might sound kind of boring or crazy to those of you who have hosted such events. And I recognize that it’s a ton of work and is probably pretty stressful on holidays that are supposed to be fun. But there’s something about this goal that just seems to have everything that I truly want in life wrapped up within it.

Every culture feasts. Feasts are a time to bring all of your best work to the table and share it with the people that you care about to mark special occasions, like holidays or achievements. Being able to host Thanksgiving or Christmas would mean that I had the ability to provide my family with a meal, that I was financially able to procure all of the ingredients and that I had a workspace that was adequate enough to prepare the meal without disaster. Attempting a big meal in my current kitchen would downright unwise.

I love making food for people. It’s one of those things that I always, always put forth my best effort for and seeing someone enjoy something that I made for them makes me so happy. I want to do that for our family and friends. I want to set the scene for some of their warmest memories.

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9 comments to 30 days of truth day 5: something i hope to do in my life

  • I’ve hosted a lot of holiday meals in a lot of different places for people who meant a wide variety of things to me. You can totally do this. It’s hardly even a challenge. And you’ll have fun doing it. You may work your ass off depending on what your needs and wants are but you’ll have fun and you’ll be successful. No problem at all.

    • @Kizz, I’ve toyed with the idea of just jumping in and doing it, despite my facilities not being what I would like. But, really, my kitchen is just so hard to cook in that I think I would just get too upset.

  • We have hosted Thanksgiving a couple times, just for our parents. It was fun, but kind of like being at your own wedding, where you’re so distracted by stuff that you kind of forget to eat and get really drunk from that wine you keep “sipping.” But the wine stops you from strangling your mother-in-law when she enters Hour Two of complaining about your lack of a gravy boat. Or maybe that’s just my experience.

    The hardest part, I think, was getting them to abandon their “usual” Thanksgiving plans (which, for my MIL, was making an entire dinner for everyone, as she’d done for 40 years). Could you maybe use someone else’s house as a home base and host it there?

  • Wanting to do a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner is so NOT boring or crazy! I loved hosting Thanksgiving for my friends, it was so fun. I totally want to do it again, but until my MIL relinquishes the reins I’m out of luck.

    I hope you get to do it soon!

  • I host Thanksgiving every year. I’m kind of over it. Can I come to you?

  • I will have my own kitchen again in nine days. It’s been an absurdly long time. I can’t wait — I’m so excited to have a place to feed people again. :) (I hate when single people say “I never cook for just me.” Ugh.)

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